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Date archive for: January 2016

A Night Of Photography


{Outfit Details// Top: Target // Sweater from three years ago // Leggings: Nordstrom // Necklace: NS Pottery}

Geoff and I have some pretty fantastic people in our lives.  Our pals Adriel and Sandy happen to be two of our closest and dearest friends.  Sandy is an art educator as well as a fine artist herself, dabbling in a mix of various mediums from painting and scratch board, to video production and photography.  Her love, Adriel, happens to be a very successful manager and planner, from managing properties to hosting and throwing events showcasing local talents.  Both have a passion to bring more of the arts to their community of Riverside, CA, as well as allow the opportunity for seasoned and up and coming artists to present their works to the public.

Last Saturday they did just that with their event A Night Of Photography.  The show took place in a warehouse in Riverside.  Local artists from the Inland Empire (many from my alma mater CSU, San Bernardino!) exhibited their beautifully unique photographs around the space.  Wine was served by Adriel’s father, Mario, and home brewed beers were sampled from their friend Manny.  I loved that it seemed like a family affair, so much support from friends and family went in to creating such a fun night.  Big Wave Grill food truck served burgers and tacos while a DJ spinned groovy tunes.  I especially loved seeing Sandy’s slide show of photographs she took of her cousin (they used our master bathtub for part of the series of photographs…anything in the name of art, right?).

Jack especially loved the night.  His favorite photographs were taken by an artist from CSUSB whose style was very reminiscent of Rothko (babies dig abstract and contrasting colors).  Being very excited parents, we decided to purchase the artwork to remember the evening and tell Jack about his first art show.  Maybe an art critic in the making?

The great artworks, food and beverages aside, I think I was more excited to see such a successful evening birthed out of our friends’ hard work.  It’s really something to witness two people you love bring community together.  I kept watching them mingle with guests, work under pressure at times, hug each other, and take in the night they created.

Can’t wait for the next show!

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My Favorite New Mom “Treat Yo Self” Musts

There were so many things I registered for Jack on my Babies R Us and Amazon baby registries…

But I didn’t think about what I would need!!  Being a new mom can be challenging, with sleep deprivation, figuring out what your little one wants, juggling cooking, laundry, errands, not getting upset with your husband, getting used to your new body, while having the chance to maybe brush your hair and, if you’re really lucky, brush your teeth that day!

Well, two months in to motherhood, I’ve realized that new moms, whether you are a REALLY new mom and had your first baby, or are a seasoned mom of one or more kiddos, I thoroughly believe that we need to treat ourselves from time to time.  Maybe that treat is to have an all day spa day, or just a quick drive to Starbucks and back, it’s good to get out of the rut of being in the house all day long in your smelly pajamas (bonus if you DON’T have spit up on them).  Here are some of my favorite ways to “Treat Yo Self” as a new mom or just as a woman!

All of these require you to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

1. Manicure/Pedicure…or better yet, both!

Once a month I’ve been going to get my nails done.  I’m only doing manicures at the moment because of the cooler weather we’ve been having doesn’t really allow for open toes.  From all the dish washing I’ve been doing, my hands and nails have been super chapped and dry.  It’s so nice to get out for at least an hour and have someone take care of your hands.  Having well kept nails makes me feel like I at least have something together, right?  Plus, when I tickle Jack, I won’t scratch him.


2. Starbucks drive thru

Now this can be done with or without children.  I mostly go through the drive thru when I have Jack with me to save the hustle of unloading the car seat.  If he’s not with me (which is rare) I’ll stop in a coffee shop to grab a coffee or chai tea latte.  Once you have your caffeine fix, start driving!  Drive any where!  I like to put on one of my favorite podcasts and drive for about 30 minutes.  Sometimes I’ll drive out to the next town over, Yucaipa, and go through the Starbucks drive thru there because 1. it takes time to get there, and 2. if Jack is with me, he’ll fall asleep on the way!  Win, win!  (unless he gets the “red light blues”…crying when the car stops).  Mindless driving or intentional driving while listening to music or a good podcast can do wonders on your spirit and mindset.  There is a pretty drive in Redlands on Sunset that I like to take at times, with it’s windy roads and pretty homes.  Just enough time to regroup, recenter, and relax a bit.

3. Go on a walk.

Sometimes I’ll just put Jack in his stroller or carrier and we walk.  About 2 miles is the norm.  Like 2. above, it gives me the opportunity to clear my head, while enjoying my son.  It also makes me feel good because I’m getting some fresh vitamin D as well as a nice little workout (mom butt is a real thing friends…).


4. Schedule one hour of YOU TIME

This can be whatever you want!  When your baby daddy gets home, or whoever will be watching your little love for an hour, just throw on a hat and some lipstick!  If you’re wearing those black leggings you’ve been in for days in a row, don’t worry, just slip on a pair of boots or flats, a large sweater and you’re good to go!  Maybe you’ll window shop in downtown for an hour, sit in a coffee shop and scroll through your phone (looking at pictures of your kid, of course).  Spontaneously drop by a friend’s house to say hello, walk around Target and leave with items you don’t need but made you feel good purchasing. Go to a park and read a book, paint, listen to music, or just sit and listen to nature.  Just be with YOU.  Meditate.

 If you know you’ll have at least an hour to yourself, the possibilities are endless!

Hope these ideas are helpful!  If you have any I’d love for you to share them with me and others in the comments section!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  We are going to our friends’ Photography show Saturday night.  It will be Jack’s first art viewing (besides the art we have at home…he loves the black and white tree photographs we have…maybe a little Ansel Adams??)

SoCal Road Trip: Downtown Orange


Yesterday was MLK holiday, so that meant that Geoff got the day off of work.  While I made pancakes for breakfast, Geoff and Jack planned a little surprise road trip for me.  I had no idea where we were going, only that it was about an hour away from home.  Geoff mentioned he hadn’t been to where we were going and wasn’t sure if I had, but that he’d looked up popular downtown destinations in southern California and this one seemed like it was worth a little drive to walk around and enjoy a bite to eat for lunch.  We hopped in the car after breakfast (okay…it took about 2 hours to get ready after breakfast, let’s be real about this haha!).

We ended up in Anaheim’s downtown Orange, a quaint nostalgic downtown with antique shops galore, vintage clothing stores as well as new boutiques, and a Redland’s orginal local favorite that has managed to expand to various other locations throughout SoCal, A la Minute icecream!  Pushing Jack around in his stroller, we checked out a vintage men’s store, a market called Provisions that sold, well, provisions such as wine and beer, as well as hard ciders.  They also had an espresso bar where we took advantage of black teas and chai lattes (caffeine is a staple in our diets these days…and lots of it!).

Towards the end of our walk around the town, we spotted a unique place to grab a quick bite to eat (our little man was waking up).  Bruxie  is a little stand with outdoor seating that serves sandwiches on waffles!  They’re similar to a Mexican torta or taco.  We split the carnitas and the pastrami sandwiches, while Jack enjoyed his bottle :)  After our quick lunch, we walked back to the car to grab our caffeine fix mentioned earlier, did a quick diaper change for the boy, and headed back home to Redlands, just in time for me to go to my friend Bobbi’s Bootcamp class (which was fabulous and kicked my booty!  More on that later!).

Although it can be difficult to plan anything spontaneous these days, Geoff makes it so much fun and attainable.  With the two of us we can do anything with the boy!  Working on being a little more spontaneous with him on my own…we’ll get there!  Hope you all had a nice holiday and enjoy the rest of your week.  Today we take Jack in for his 2 month check up…and shots!  Wish us luck.  Lots of cuddles and lavender oil tonight.


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Le Vallauris: Anniversary Dinner In Palm Springs


{Outfit Details// Dress: Thrifted // Shoes: DSW}

Last month Geoff and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!  My mother was kind enough to watch her favorite little guy while we celebrated our marriage in Palm Springs for a couple hours.  Since we went to Paris for our honeymoon, I wanted to find a restaurant that might help us relive our Parisian culinary experience.

I found a French restaurant that did the trick.  Le Vallauris (please don’t ask me to pronounce it ha!) is hidden up near the mountains of Palm Springs.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the restaurant tucked behind one of our favorite locations, Korakia Pensione (where we stayed last spring break…the week I found out I was pregnant…WOW!).  The scenery was beautiful.  Being that it was December in Palm Springs, sitting outside didn’t seem far fetched.  We were seated underneath trees, lanterns dangled from the branches, and live music of classical Frank Sinatra was played while we dined on oysters, duck and filet mignon.  Red wine, a little champagne, and a grande marnier souffle rounded out the meal perfectly.

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Having some alone time was magical, even if we couldn’t help but talk about Jack.  Maybe for our fifth year wedding anniversary we’ll actually be in Paris, again.

One can only hope.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!  We plan on taking Jack to the Cable Airport air show tomorrow.  I used to go to this airport as a child with my dad.  Looking forward to introducing our son to some of the places we love.

Sharing a New Endeavour: Private Yoga Sessions


So excited to announce and offer my services to you all!  This new year is one that I’ve looked forward to for a long time.  Yoga has been a saving grace for me since my first class in college back in 2003. In 2014 I became a certified yogi and dreamed of the day of blessing others with private practices, customized to the individual or group.  Well, the day is here, friends!  To get the ball rolling on my dream endeavor, I’m offering the first practice (60 mins) for free!  My passion is to use yoga and essential oils to help others find balance, strength, healing, and confidence.  I don’t know where I’d be with without my own yoga practice and now with a new baby, both yoga and oils have helped me throughout my day!  I can’t wait to share my passion with you.  Let’s begin this new year on the right track, taking care of ourselves together
Email @ or call the number above for price inquiries and time slots.