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Date archive for: July 2016

Mommy and Me: How it gave me confidence


I will be the first to admit that I go insane if I’m stuck in the house for more than 12 hours.  So the early days with Jack were definitely some of the hardest days, simply because being home 24/7, with the exception of a walk outside here and there and maybe a quick drive thru through Starbucks, was just how it goes with a newborn.  Also, the struggle was VERY real with breast feeding so on top of “failing” at that and not being around others made postpartum depression a reality for this new mama.

Although I do pride myself in getting out as much as I could to have coffee dates with my girlfriends who were also stay at home moms, or Geoff and I would take Jack out with us for a quick lunch, I realized what I needed was to see other moms in action with their little people!

The thought of mommy and me classes made me self conscious.  By the time we were ready to go to them (around 2-3 months) I was already back and forth between breast milk and formula, feeding Jack with a bottle…so the thought of being judged or being asked why I give my son a bottle gave me anxiety.  However, I finally took the plunge and signed up for bootcamp classes taught by my friend Bobbi.  She assured me that other moms would be there with their kids and if Jack cried she’d be more than happy to help him, feed him, whatever I needed!

I also signed up for mommy and me yoga classes.  This was the one I was most intimidated by because I knew more moms would be breast feeding their little ones.  Plus, yoga is such a huge part of my life, I didn’t want to look like I couldn’t do some poses like I used to!  The first class I was assured that it was ok to breast feed my baby if I needed.  At first I took it personally that it was assumed I breastfeed…and feeling like a failure crept up…and once Jack got hungry and I had to whip out the bottle…no one cared!

These classes gave me so much more confidence in my ability as a mother.  For the first 2 months of Jack’s life I felt like the biggest failure.  But being around other moms, actually NOT feeling judged for the way I feed my kid, and supporting one another and even helping each other out when our babies are fussy and mama just needs a breather, helped my bond with Jack grow even stronger.  Plus, I’ve made some really wonderful friendships through bootcamp and mommy and me yoga.  If you’re a new mom, or even a seasoned one, and feel you’re lacking in your mothering, check and see if you are involved with other moms?  Are you getting out of the house?  Are you sharing your struggles and victories with your friends?  Once I started getting out every day (bootcamp was MWF and yoga was T/Th) I noticed such a drastic change in how I treated myself and how much more I loved my son!  Confidence as a mom can be hard to come by with all the rules and opinions that are thrown at us daily.  But when you get the opportunity to be immersed with other moms, seeing that they too have their struggles and “failures” it makes motherhood that much more beautiful :)

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

Our Weekend


Our weekend was full of venturing outside of the house!  Thursday was my last day teaching summer school (bittersweet for me because I really, really enjoyed it!) so Friday I made plans to treat myself to a day at the spa with a couple of my closest girlfriends.  My mother in law gifted me two gift certificates (one for my birthday and one for Christmas) to a favorite local spa, Glen Ivy.  My mom came down to watch Jack while Geoff went to work for the day.  A quick Starbucks run and a full tank of gas and myt friend and I were off to meet my other friend!  We took up the offer they have during the week and spent the day in the mud, getting massages, hopping in and out of pools, experiencing the grotto for the first time, and sharing healthy nachos (oxymoron?) and yummy light salads.  The day definitely went by way too fast, but it was time well spent!  On the way home,  we made one more Starbucks run and back to our husbands and kids we went!


Saturday I had a coffee date with one of my favorite people, Bobbi, where we talked about our dreams and the future while passing Jack back and forth.  When Jack and I got home Geoff asked if we’d like to go out to lunch to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Redlands.  While we were there, we thought it would be fun to let Jack try some of our food since we’ve been using the BLW method to feed Jack.  He tried French fry and really loved it (of course, who wouldn’t love a salty piece of potato?)  And like any excited parent I started taking pictures of his first encounter with a French fry…and not long after the gagging started (which can happen with BLW but it’s not dangerous…just hard to watch).  I told Geoff “he’s gagging” and I didn’t even get to finish my warning…vomit EVERYWHERE! I’ve never seen so much puke!!  And at such a lovely restaurant!  The staff promptly started cleaning up after us, we quickly paid for our lunch, and exited out the back.   In the moment, and I admit hours, after the incident I felt so embarrassed and like we were horrible parents.  It made me not want to take him out to eat.  I was mad at myself and Geoff for letting him have that damn fry!  But after talking to a friend and having some time to cool off, I realized that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself and Geoff.  Babies are babies!  And props to parents who still manage to get out and enjoy the finer things with their little families.  We are trying and will continue to do so…maybe sans fries :)


Sunday was spent having brunch at the Olive Market (see!  it didn’t us long to go out to eat after the French fry incident!) and beginning  a mural for a friend’s bathroom.  Also, something I shared with my friend on the way home from Glen Ivy on Friday was how slowly I drink my iced drinks!  I didn’t finish my drink on our way home so I decided to stick it in the fridge to enjoy later.  And later was Sunday evening!  What are some of your quirky habits?  Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead!  We will be taking our first long road trip to a different state with Jack this weekend!  Should be interesting :)  Wish us luck!

Three IG Sources for Fashion Inspiration

If you look at my Instagram account and see who I’m following, you’ll notice a trend: Mompreneurs, food porn, yogis, and FASHION.  The bulk of people I follow are fashionistas.  You can tell a lot about a person by looking at who they follow on IG :)

I wanted to share with you all today three of my fave go-to sources for fashion inspiration!  As most of you know, I am a sucker for thrift shopping and incorporating new pieces with old or previously owned.  While some of the ladies I follow on IG have a wardrobe that’s far from my price range, I like to recreate what I see using what I have already…and maybe splurge on a new item to round out the outfit.

 Chriselle Lim 


Photo c/o IG

So, this chick.  She has to be, hands down, my personal favorite fashion inspiration on IG and, well, all other social media platforms.  For the last couple of years I’ve found so much of my own personal style through seeing her style always evolving.  Also, she hasn’t let motherhood put a damper on enjoying getting ready for the day!  Her style is chic, effortless, and a fabulous mix of feminine and masculine.  I just LOVE her!

Damsel In Dior


Photo c/o IG

I was introduced to this lovely by a coworker, over discussing Chriselle, haha!  I absolutely love this girl’s color choice…or maybe lack thereof?  Tons of neutrals, lots of black and white, and a breathless sense of cool and casual is what I admire most of Jacey’s fashion sense.  Plus, she’s kind of a bad ass in terms of her raw and honest comments she shares on IG.  I dig it!

Babioles De Zoe


Photo c/o IG

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this fahsionista’s IG, but it was a happy accident.  A perfect example of Parisian beauty, Zoe exudes confidence no matter what she’s wearing!  I enjoy the variety of her outfits.  One day she’ll post an outfit inspired by boho vibes, and next rocking a black blazer or trench coat with jeans and a T.  Plus, she LIVES IN PARIS!  Love, love, love!

I notice looking at these lovelies’ accounts how much I see my style in theirs or how I am influenced (positively I might add) to their fashion sense.  Um, like me always wanting a short haircut?  Or loving the gender neutral vibes of jeans and a white button up (but lets be real, that happens if I’m leaving the house and not hanging out with Jack who will more than likely spit up all over me, haha! I did change my pants twice already, today.)

And I plan, at least once or twice a month, to use an inspirational outfit from IG and recreating it for you all with the items I already have, maybe with a new piece here and there, a thrift find, or something completely new!  This should be fun and I know soooo many of you have asked me to do this and teach you how to use what you have already or how to score the perfect thrift find.  Can’t wait to share with you all!

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

Our Weekend: Joshua Tree



This post is a little bit overdue.  But hey, it’s never too late to share, right?

This past Memorial Day Weekend, we piled up in the car and took a spontaneous drive out to Joshua Tree.  I had been wanting to check out what all the fuss was about for quite some time now, and since Joshua Tree is just under an hour away from home, I thought it would be the perfect little family getaway for the day.  We had no plan on where to go while we were there, but thought we could possibly grab a coffee, walk around (in the heat I might add) and maybe have a bite to eat then head home.

When we got into the town after just an hours worth of driving (and a sleeping Jack in the back woohoo!) we put the little guy in his stroller and strolled on over to Joshua Tree Coffee Coffee Company.  We almost didn’t see the place since it’s hidden behind a yoga studio in the cutest and quaintest little courtyard.  I went in since the shop only fits maybe three people at a time, plus Jack was waking up from his nap.  I grabbed a coffee for myself and a tea for Geoff and we enjoyed our beverages, Jack enjoyed a bottle, and we people watched for a little bit on the patio.  Once we were ready to start packing up and continue our little adventure, I noticed a woman who looked familiar to me.  I realized who she was, called out her name and she came over to us!  She was the head of the art department at CSUSB and we chatted for a few minutes, mostly about motherhood of course, and about her living in Joshua Tree, having her own art studio, and the best pizza place outside of NYC (she’s originally from there).  It was our lucky day because the best pizza place outside of NYC just so happened to be in the same courtyard we were in.

Having had breakfast not long before our drive, we weren’t feeling too hungry just yet, so we decided to take a family stroll around the town.  Although it was very hot, we kept cool by peaking into shops here and there.  The visitor center was a great place to take a break from the heat, as well as a fun thrift store where I chatted up the sales clerk about fashion of course.  It was starting to get a little later into the day, the sun was rising and feeling hotter and hotter by the minute, so we decided it was time to start heading home…but not until we got the best pizza outside of NYC :)  The boys waited for me in the air conditioned car while I went into Pie for the People.  I ordered a slice of cheese for me and a slice of pepperoni for Geoff.  None for Jack, but someday!  I must say, that pizza took me back to our trip to NYC this last March.  I would drive from Redlands to Joshua Tree just for that pizza.
IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0277 IMG_0279 IMG_0284 IMG_0291

Our Weekend


Our weekend started out with Jack taking a 2.5 hour nap…on me!  Ha, I didn’t move from the couch and in all honesty it was glorious.  Typically I’d put him down about 10 minutes after he falls asleep on me but I was pretty tired myself from a busy week, and spending some quality time with my boy was what this mama needed.  We got a babysitter to watch him for the evening and off Geoff and I went to play Twighlight at the country club with our friends!


Saturday Geoff was in a golf tournament, Lollapalooza, where players are surrounded by bystanders yelling and shouting at them while they try to hit!  So much fun.  Last summer I was pregnant with Jack and both Geoff and I couldn’t wait to have Jack with us this summer.  Funny thing was he was quiet and alert the entire time we were out on the course, but when we were inside for a light dinner the screaming and fuss was frequent :)  awww babies…what can you do?

Sunday was spent kind of by myself…which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing!  Sometimes you need some alone time!  The message at church was right on point.  I can’t wait to get into the message our pastor has in store for us.  The theme is Storyteller and how God writes our stories, yet sometimes we want to write our own story.  I kind of feel like I’m on the cusp of God writing my story and me adding in my own twist.  It’s all an adjustment period right now, being a stay at home mom, depending on Geoff to be the monetary provider, while trying to figure out how I can still provide for my family.  Yoga seems to be what God is writing on my heart and I’m excited for this new season, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s been quite an adjustment going from working full time to staying home.

I’ve been loving teaching summer school and it makes me miss being in the classroom at times.  However, summer school is more like a dream come true!  Great, smart, and talented high school students for 4 hours a day, and for only 6 weeks?  Sign me up!  Doing this full time for an entire school year while being a mom is doable but not in my story at the moment.


Wow, a little tangent there :)  Feels good to get the chance to share a little bit of our life lately.  Alrighty friends, I hope you all have a wonderful week!