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Korakia Pensione: Palm Springs

As a teacher, the days leading up to any vacation, whether it be a leisurely Monday holiday or week long break, can be excruciatingly painful!  You begin to not only count down the days until your well deserved vacation, but you might also start to use math and calculating the hours, minutes, even seconds until that school bell rings to free you from your 9-5—-okay, 7:45-3.

Spring Break!  After what seemed to be the LONGEST week of the school year, I was ready for a break.  Living rather closely to Palm Springs, I decided to book two nights at a hidden gem of a place, Korakia Pensione.  One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Chriselle Lim, had a series last fall where she featured Korakia, and I had been curious about staying ever since.  The Mediterranean flare, the pools and lounge areas, and of course BED AND BREAKFAST, sold me.

We left early in the morning to enjoy a little breakfast at the Palm Springs airport (not the international one).  Since Geoff loves his airplanes, I thought it would be a nice way to get the vacation started, watching the Cessnas and biplanes land and take off.  And like most of our trips, we had a tee time at one of the many golf courses Palm Springs has to offer.

But let’s talk about Korakia.  What a beautiful location and getaway.  We felt like we had arrived in Morocco or Santorini.  The courtyard greeted us with a fountain filled with fuchsia pedals.  Breakfast is served on this patio every morning…and the breakfast was wonderful both mornings!

Our room had it’s own patio with a day bed to lounge in outside.  I loved our room, especially since it seemed tucked away from the rest of the property so we didn’t see a lot of people walking by and the noise level was always very low.

I loved the hidden patios and lounge areas surrounding the grounds.  Catnaps were had throughout the day, and laying out under the stars to watch a couple cinema classics were the perfect ending to our nights.  It was my first time watching Casablanca.

During our two night stay, I left the premises only once.  Geoff and I grabbed lunch at Jake’s and during our last night, Geoff left to pick up a pizza from Matchbox Pizza to eat during our movie viewing.  Although Korakia does provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the prices were a little high and it did feel nice to leave even just for an hour for a bite to eat.


We left feeling refreshed, and already daydreaming of the next time we would get to stay in Palm Springs.

Outfits// Black hat: Target.  // Bikini top (and bottoms not shown): Anthropologie.  // Black cover up: Borrowed from a friend. //Geoff’s Giraffe Shirt: Etsy.

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