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Three Podcasts You Need In Your Life

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I have been loving listening to podcasts lately.  Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I actually listened to music in my car or on my phone.  There are dozens of podcasts that I’ve subscribed to, but today I wanted to focus on three favorites.

Around the Table.  I LOVE this podcast!  Jacey and Maggie have been sharing their take on a variety of topics, whether it be food and books, relationship advice and  awkward moments, social media and current events, as well as traveling, beauty and fashion advice.  You name it, they’ve probably talked about it.  Some of my favorite series they record are their 5 on Friday and Lunch Break where they interview guests about their businesses and who they would want as guests at their ideal dinner party.  Both ladies are smart, intelligent, as well as witty and hilariously funny.  Plus, I love Maggie’s southern accent!  If you’re looking for a podcast that covers different topics weekly, and makes you feel like you’re sitting down with girlfriends over coffee…this one’s for you!

Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids.  This podcast is such a gem!  Geoff and I will sometimes listen to it after dinner, or on long car rides (we listened to a few hours of it on our way home from Vegas recently).  I kept my diary from middle school and will sometimes revisit my youth through reading some of my favorite entries, which are some of the most embarrassing moments during that time.  This podcast reminds me of a “simpler” time, and how dramatic or outrageous kids can be.  You will laugh at nearly every reading you’ll hear.  Readers from different Canadian cities, and sometimes northern United States, read from diaries, journals, notes, pretty much anything they’ve saved from young childhood to college.  So funny!  There is profanity and sexual content, but if that doesn’t bother you then I say give it a listen.  You’ll very likely end up binge listening to episode after episode.  You’re

Radio Lingua Coffee Break Series.   Specifically Spanish and French.  Now, I’m terrible when it comes to speaking a foreign language.  I understand Spanish much better than I speak it.  I took two years in high school so I have a little knowledge of the language.  And French, well, I got by in France with the help of Geoff and being coy and flashing my pearly whites any time someone approached me and spoke French first.  Even with my lack of speaking Spanish or French, I understand both much better because of Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break French.  In 30 minute segments, you get the chance to practice conversational Spanish or French.  It’s not the most exciting podcast, but I found it to be very helpful.  Plus, the hosts are Scottish so their accents are lovely to listen to.

This weekend, give one or all of these podcasts a listen.  Rather than watching TV, listen to the “radio” with your loved ones.  It’s refreshing!  Also, checking something off my November “Before Jack” Bucket  this Sunday.  Geoff and I are hosting a Friendsgiving brunch!  Looking forward to having our friends over to spend some quality time together.  Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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