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Three Things Pregnancy Taught Me

This week I’ll be posting about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and my first two weeks as a mom.

Pregnancy was quite possibly the best experience of my life, only to be trumped by motherhood, but that’s a later post!  I learned so much about myself and want to share with you all the three things that pregnancy taught me the most.

Body Image


You are in for a doozy when you’re pregnant in terms of body image issues.  As a young teen I remember having the absolute worst attitude towards my body.  I felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin.  Puberty doesn’t help.  Well, pregnancy somehow brought back insecurities about my looks.  It was as if I was going through puberty all over again.  Clothes weren’t fitting like they used to, I had to buy at least three different bra sizes the entire time, and I would even have growing pains similar to the ones I had when I was growing as a child!  Yet, after the initial awkward and confused sensations I experienced when I noticed a major milestone in my pregnant body, I learned to embrace the change.  Making light of situations (remember my lack of bladder control??) made being pregnant that much easier.  Plus, I can’t express enough how important it is to allow yourself to dress up!  When we feel good about ourselves on the outside, we feel so much better inside as well, and visa versa.  If I felt extra frumpy, I made sure to at least put on some red lipstick.  When my feet were swelling and no shoes would suffice, not even my Birks, I would put on a necklace that drew attention to my face.  And most importantly, I would choose to just love the process.  Pregnancy isn’t pleasant 100% of the time, but when you choose to embrace the changes your body is going through, making your beautiful child, you just might feel more beautiful than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Let My Guard Down


Holy emotions!  First and third trimesters were the most difficult for me to control how I was feeling about everything in my life.  It was very rare for me to have a full day of pleasant thoughts.  Most of my emotions stemmed from my physical symptoms, however, some deep fears of becoming a parent started to rise in the last couple weeks of pregnancy.  I would see all over Instagram and other social media platforms mothers-to-be sharing how excited they were about becoming mommies, and new moms sharing how blissful mothering a newborn was.  Of course I had these same feelings, but I also was scared out of my mind!  And I started expressing these fears without any walls up.  I’m sure all my friends were tired of hearing my sob stories, but I just needed to be honest, let my guard down, and word vomit all over everyone.  And man did it feel good.  I can bet 100% of moms-to-be and new mamas are just as afraid is not more than I was.  Letting our guard down and sharing how we really feel can really lighten your load, especially when you’re pregnant and have so much to carry as it is!!



I love my husband.  He has taken care of me before in the past when I had open heart surgery.  There was no one as devoted to my health and well being than he was during that trying time.  And he did it again during my pregnancy.  He never allowed me to massage his shoulders, but he would offer to rub my poor feet instead.  He played games with Jack, tickling his feet when we could see them kicking my belly.  The love Geoff showed me and our little guy, even before Jack was out of the womb, made me fall in love with my husband even more.  Of course we had our arguments (I did get some crazy pregnancy brain towards the end, especially with nesting…oh my!).  But he would always rise to the top and help me.  And love me and the belly.  How could it get any better?

It does…so much better.

Looking forward to sharing Jack’s birth story next!  Have a fantastic Monday everyone!  I’ll be snuggling up with my little man and my baby daddy (ha!) for the day.  And changing diapers, and feeding, and thanking my husband every chance I get.

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  1. awww i love the bit about Geoff playing with Jack even before he was born. So adorable! <3

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