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The Little Green Dress



When it comes to special events, I love to indulge a little bit and find pieces that are unique, stand out, and make me feel beautiful.  My friend girlfriend, Justine, decided to celebrate her 30th birthday in Palm Springs this last weekend!  Knowing that the weather was going to be perfect (in the low 70’s) and we would be eating outside at one of the best brunch spots in town, Cheeky’s, I knew which direction to go towards in term of the outfit I was looking for.

I knew I didn’t want to bring a jacket with me…come on, it’s Palm Springs!  So I jumped online and found a dress that would work perfectly for an outdoor brunch occasion in the desert.  Light and airy, with sleeves that can be pushed up to the elbow or kept down near the wrists…and flowy so I could enjoy as much brunch as I wanted!

And you all know how much I LOVE to wear black (I wore a black wedding dress!).  Although at first glance this dress looks black with a floral pattern, it’s in fact a deep hunter green, hence the title of this post.  I was drawn to the dress first because I thought it was black, but really fell in love with the green, something I don’t typically gravitate towards when I’m looking for wardrobe pieces.  And once I had it on in person I knew she was a keeper!

I also wore my favorites from Beautycounter that I’m loving right now: Scarlet Lip Sheer, Dew Tint Moisturizer in #2, Color Pinch Cream Blusher in Hibiscus, and Color Shade Eye Duo in Oyster/Amethyst.

unnamed (1)The excitement of driving to Palm Springs BY MYSELF…blasting 90’s music and jamming out in the car!
FullSizeRender_2Found these beauties (cactus and car) outside of Trio walking back to our car.
FullSizeRenderBefore the rain found us, checked out Arrive coffee and the sweet hotel connected to it.  Possibly a stay is in our future for the Traveling Pasleys?IMG_3481Enjoying a sweet brunch celebrating my friend and a chance to spend some time with Geoff as baby-free parents for an afternoon!IMG_3457

Here’s the link to get your hands on the Little Green Dress!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

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