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Finding Your Morning Rhythm

Mornings can be the hardest for many of us!  That feeling of being rushed to get ready before running out the door to work, or waking up extra early to fit in some “me time” before the rest of the house wakes up, can leave you feeling a little anxious and, let’s be honest, dreading that alarm in the AM hours.  I am with you if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy waking up at the butt crack of dawn…but still yearn for some time to connect with yourself before the rest of the day takes over.

Becoming a mom and now working from home, I’ve learned the importance of allowing myself at least an hour before the rest of my world wakes up.  Granted, there are rare occasions Jack decides to start his day early, too, but for the most part we’ve been blessed with a heavy sleeper.  I wanted to share with you all what my morning schedule looks like.  I am a firm believer of waking up early…even if I don’t WANT to…but I need to in order to set myself up for success for the rest of the day.

5:30am Wake Up.  Yes, that’s early if your kid sleeps in until 7:30-8am.  When I wake up this early it allows me to LEISURELY get my act together.  No stress running around the house getting coffee going or unloading the dishwasher.  Usually, I wake up, heat up some water for a glass of water with mineral salts and the French press (or sometimes I have leftover coffee from the day before so I just heat that up).  I either roll out my mat, catch a Holy Yoga prayer call, or what I usually do but am working on this, get the computer up and running so I can start work right away.  And don’t forget to diffuse some oils around you!  Aromatherapy really comes in handy to help motivate you in the early morning hours.  I’ve been loving Inner Child and Release. 

5:30-6am Make my coffee.  I ordered decaf coffee from my friends Arcade Coffee Roasters to try to give my adrenals a break!  I love using the Bulletproof method, or some raw organic creamer with honey and cinnamon…and some Vital Proteins collagen peptides (my hair and nails, even skin, are healthy and stronger!).

6-7am Yoga, Holy Yoga prayer calls, work.  My yoga practice at home is very simple.  I usually teach others on FB live and we mostly practice a nice slow flow/yin combo.  Always holy yoga.  This is my time to be with God.  Holy Yoga prayer calls are 30 minutes long and are typically in the morning throughout the week.  If I’m feeling behind in my work, I’ll get started on that right away.  I’m trying to work on spending time with God first thing rather than jumping right into work.

7-8:30am Jack wakes up.  It’s always a guessing game in the mornings to see when Jack will wake up.  It’s commonly around 7:30am.  And when he’s up I am all his!  This is usually around the time I start making breakfast for us.  I love to make oatmeal with cashew butter, berries, grass fed butter, and AVOCADO.  Yeah, that’s right.  I LOVE avocado on oatmeal!  Try it sometime.  For Jack, I’ll sometimes share my oatmeal with him, or I make him scrambled eggs with avocado, or his favorite, protein pancakes (two eggs, one banana, and a generous dash of cinnamon mixed together and fried in coconut oil on the stove) topped with cashew butter…and avocado usually makes an appearance, too.  We go through quite a bit of avocado around here.  Geoff will often times wake up around the time we’re eating breakfast so he’ll make himself an omelette or cereal.  Weekends we usually eat breakfast together.

8:30-9:30am Curious George!  For 3o minutes every morning for the last week or so Geoff and Jack and have sat down on the couch after breakfast to watch Curious George (Jack’s absolute favorite!).  While they enjoy their bonding time over what George is getting into that day, that is my chance to get myself ready!  Sometimes I’ll get ready before everyone else wakes up, but I tend to wait for this time because I know I have the opportunity for 30 minutes of “me” time.  I get dressed, I put makeup on, do my hair, BRUSH MY TEETH (moms…don’t forget that step..oh and DEODORANT…I make my own!). When I’m done Geoff starts to get ready for the day while Jack and I talk to him.

9:30am and beyond!  Jack and I like to leave the house in the mornings (his best time of day) to run errands, go to the park, take a walk, grab a coffee, go to the Y, visit a friend, whatever is on the agenda for the day.

Having the discipline to allow myself that chunk of time for me in the beginning of the day insures that I won’t get upset if plans don’t go as planned, or I don’t end up having that opportunity to fit in a business call or yoga practice.  Starting my day with little rituals (my salt water, coffee, Holy Yoga prayer calls) sets me up for success and less resentment towards others if I’m feeling at my wit’s end.

What are some of your morning rhythms?  I’d love to know!
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