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“Women Are _______” Series

Painting portraits of women I know has been very therapeutic for me…and maybe for them? Celebrating our unique beauty is a gift I wish to translate through my artwork and the way I treat myself.

With these portraits my goal is for women to see another woman celebrating their beauty. I don’t see any flaw in you. I’m calling it my “Women Are______” series.

A self portrait is not for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family…IT. IS. FOR. YOU.  I’m painting a portrait of YOU. For YOU.

If you’d love a self portrait, message me on facebook, IG, or email me! We can go over pricing and shipping.  These are 5×7 watercolor portraits inspired by photographs shared with me (or found by me).  I’ve loved every minute painting friends and women I admire…and getting the chance to create again! But if you get one w/out asking…know I’m celebrating your beauty.


Melissa, 2017 “Women Are Beautiful


Morgan, 2017 “Women Are Sexy


Tasha, 2017 “Women Are Hilarious

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