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Three Body Positive Social Media Platforms I love


Happy Friday, friends!

Before we enter into the weekend, I just wanted to share with you how thankful I am for all of your comments on IG related to Body Positivity.  It’s part of being human, fixating on our “flaws”, BUT it’s really important for us to also recognize when we do this…and how to turn it around to CELEBRATING our beauty.

I also believe that who we follow on social media, the blogs we read, the sites we search up, and even the people we do life with have a HUGE impact on how we feel about ourselves.  So I thought I’d share with you three social media platforms I love to visit that exude body positivity.

Colorful Eats Podcast


I love these ladies of Colorful Eats Podcast….so much!  I think what I love most about one of my best gals, Justine and her sweet cohost, Caroline’s podcast is there raw talk about life.  They’re both extremely knowledgeable NTPs (Nutritional Therapy Practitioners) who are passionate about the holistic health of their clients, friends, family, and listeners.  What’s refreshing is there non-judgmental educational stance they have when sharing topics like fertility, hormone health, BODY IMAGE, and diet.  These women are the real deal.  I’ll link one of my favorite episodes to date here…of course it’s about body image!

Positive Health Wellness Blog

postivie health wellness

I’ve fallen victim of searching for answers on the internet (ok, Pinterest to be exact) for health scares, allergies, recipes, you name it. When my friends over at Positive Health Wellness found me I was thrilled to read their content and discover that the articles are credible (and not just someone’s opinion).  This is a great space to look up answers for diets that work best for you, workouts, even MENTAL HEALTH information that can help people on their journey to a more positive outlook for their body.  And what’s really amazing is they understand that for you to be happy with your body…you need to be happy in all areas of your life.  So stop using Pinterest to search for the answers to your health questions and check these guys out for credible resources.

Morgan Day Cecil Youtube Chanel 


This beautiful, brave woman is not only one of my teachers and coaches, I call her a friend.  She exudes body positivity and confidence, and has worked DAMN HARD to get there.  If your’e looking for a woman to help you understand your sexuality and sensuality as a woman (not in any creepy or scary way) she’s your girl!  Her yoga videos are what brought me to her, but after being a part of her Sophia Sessions on FB and finally spending a weekend away in Palm Springs on the Sophia Experience (you can read about that amazing time, here), I was blessed to learn from Morgan face-to-face.  And she is FULL OF KNOWLEDGE.  I’m so excited for her to be launching her trainings on Youtube for No More Shame.  Great things are going to happen because of this and I can’t wait to see it all manifest!  A lot of what I’ve learned from her and the other Sophias has spurred on my creativity lately…or brought it back up to the surface.

Give these a listen, a read, or a watch, friends!  And remember to fill your day and life with people who LIFT YOU UP.  If you follow or read social media platforms that leave you feeling deflated and hating your body, mind, soul, spirit…maybe it’s time to unfollow.  In fact, it’s not a maybe, it’s a MUST.  Your happiness is precious.  And if you’d like, share with me some social media platforms that you’re loving!

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