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Heidi Abercrombie 11/8/12

I could use a partner. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone
She Reads Truth Team 11/10/12

great – I’ll pair you with the next person that comes to us!! -Raechel
She Reads Truth Team <>

Hi Heidi!  Meet Corey! Corey, meet Heidi! Y’all lovelies were looking for a prayer partner!

Let me know if I can help with anything else!  Or email as well!



The email that began one of the most beautiful and cherished relationships I’ve ever known. 

I didn’t realize my one request would result in one of the greatest blessings…



I needed prayer.  My world was turned upside down.  I was a month out of open-heart surgery.  The fear and anxiety, let alone severe depression (a common side effect of OHS) left me crippled.  I felt so alone and my mind wasn’t the safest place to hide in.  No matter how much I prayed for myself to get better, the anxiety just kept intensifying.

At this time I was reading SheReadsTruth every day.  The daily devotionals were very helpful in my healing process, but I wasn’t connecting with the other women.  I was just reading and writing in my journal on my own.  Not connecting to others was my doing because I believed I was alone in this fight I was going through.  It was just God and I.

One day I noticed the option for a prayer partner.  I’ll be honest, I am not one to pray.  I have it in my mind that I don’t know how.  Or when I do pray I’m taken too literally (I did pray for God to open my heart and look what happened!)  All kidding aside, I believed asking someone else to pray for me would a.) take the burden off my shoulders b.) help me focus on someone else’s problems and c.) meet someone new.

All I asked for was a prayer partner.  I gave SheReadsTruth no back story or reason why I needed prayer.  As you can see above “I could use a prayer partner.  Thank you!” was it.  When I got the email address of the girl they paired me  with I immediately wrote her.  I had to begin my prayer request ASAP.


Hi Corey :)  11/19/2012
I’m Heidi and am happy to have been picked to be your partner.  I’m in
need of prayer (had open heart surgery 7 weeks ago….and I’m only 27
yrs old).  Healing just fine physically but mentally I’m still dealing
with the traumatic experience.

It was Thanksgiving when I “met” Corey. Geoff and I were at his mother’s house.  She lives on a ranch with open space.  Perfect to get away to be alone.  The urge to check my email came over me.  I saw that I had an email from my prayer partner!   I walked outside after dinner to be alone to read her response.  I remember that night.  The moon was bright and full, and the stars were visible.  Nothing could have prepared me for what she was about to share…



Hi Heidi!  I’m so glad you emailed me, I’m happy we are partners too!!
 I will definitely pray for your mental recovery from your surgery.
The crazy thing is, God is SO awesome, because I had open heart
surgery when I was 18 months old! 



God is so awesome.

What do you say, think, believe after witnessing this?  Complete strangers, who live across the country (I’m in California and Corey lives in Indiana), who only gave names and email addresses…


My response


Corey!  God is so good I want to cry!  How they knew we both had open
heart surgery.  I’m a visual arts teacher at a middle school and would
like to be a counselor.  I will write more but wanted to let you know
I prayed for us both tonight and thanked God that I read your email
while looking at the moon tonight.  I can feel it in my heart that he
wants is to know each other :)

God bless!


Sent from my iPhone


Since that night, we have communicated through email at least once a week.  It started out purely as prayer requests, but the more and more we shared about ourselves, our emails turned into conversations.  Therapy.  We shared about our anxieties, depression, fears, wants, dreams.  Books we’ve read, movies we like, blogs we enjoy, loss, heart issues.  We’d let each other know when we’d go on vacation so it wouldn’t be a surprise if an email wasn’t sent in a while.

We both work in education.  Corey’s a school counselor and I’m an art teacher.  We are both extremely passionate about mental health (even though we’re both pretty screwed up! ha)

Her twin sister lives 40 minutes away from me…

We both have hearts that are broken and need healing.

This girl.  She has no idea how much she has blessed my life.  I can’t put a finger on our relationship.  I’ve shared some of the deepest, ugliest, and beautiful thoughts with her.  I’ve shared with her things I’ve never told anyone else.

God is so awesome.

I bought my ticket for the Influence Conference in April.  She bought hers, too.

Our emails started ending in

“5 more months girl!”

“2 more months!  OMG!”

“one more month!”

“next weekend…I can’t believe it”.

  “I’m going to be praying this week for peace for us both, the ability to trust His plan, and for God to truly reveal Himself to us at the conference.” -Corey

“Heart stuff just freaks me out sometimes.  This week is the week I was put in the hospital a year ago.  It’s so fitting that the conference is this week girl.  I keep reflecting on what I’ve been through and how much my life has changed.  October 1st is the anniversary of my surgery.  It’s a bitter-sweet time.” – Heidi

“See you TOMORROW!

Love you :)”

Getting to the conference could be a blog post all on its own!  (not going there).  I finally arrived to the hotel at 10pm Thursday night.  I had been waiting for this moment since November 8, when I requested a prayer partner.  I dropped my things off in the room and took the escalator up to the 2nd floor where the conference was being held.

And I saw her.

My prayer partner.

MY prayer partner.

I tapped her on the shoulder and that was it.  We hugged each other so tight, screaming, laughing!  Girls watching us.  I wanted people to see us.  How excited we were!

We walked around in circles…drunk on pure adrenaline.  I don’t know how many circles we made to find the elevator.

It’s always weird when you first meet someone in person.  She and I were both nervous about meeting one another.  We had been talking through email for so long.

I love her more now than I did before.

The Influence Conference brought us so much closer.  When we weren’t in a talk or workshop, we were laughing about silly stories, talking about clothes, running into things, drinking wine and sharing stories with other women at the conference, being awkward and loving it, getting ready together, staying up until the wee hours of the morning singing songs from the 80’s and 90’s (sorry if you were our neighbors….).  I loved this.  I wanted to spend every waking moment with her.

Sharing our ugly and painful stories, in person.  Together, face to face.

I felt so comfortable with her.

I can’t express how good it feels to be able to let your guard down with someone.  To feel like ME around someone.  We have shared so much together, and I believe this has helped me trust her and feel as though I can share anything with her. I can be me and not have to apologize to her.

The last night of the conference is one I will never, EVER forget.

God was there.

I have admitted that I don’t pray well.  Funny, we are prayer partners but we both struggle with praying!

My job as Corey’s prayer partner has never been answered as it was at Influence.  During worship.

Besides praying for my heart to be opened…I have never prayed so hard and so passionately for something to happen.

And it did.

Right there in that room, with almost 300 women singing and praying, right there, God listened.  And it was beautiful.

Corey, God answers our prayers, girl!  HE DOES!!  And He did.  I’m so thankful I got to witness this with YOU!  We were paired together so you could help me and I could help you.  Thank you for helping me understand that I can live with a heart condition, that it’s okay to be anxious and I don’t have to apologize.  Thank you for allowing me to be ME.  When you have your replacement surgery I am going to be there for you, right by your side, and after. You are beautiful, inside and out.  Thank you for being real with me, for blessing me with your friendship.  You are so dear and precious to me…

He paired us together for a reason.

To be an example that He is awesome.

We’re His miracle, girl, for others to see….for us to see

And realize that He loves us.


I love you, my prayer partner.










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7 comments on “Corey

  1. Christine on said:

    That was beautiful, and so touching! God is so good!

  2. Heidi and Corey…. I am crying Happy Tears for the two of you! I thank God you two found each other!! Love to both of you!

  3. This is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved this :). I know how nervous Corey was to meet you in person but so excited…and she told me about how God was there. I so wish I could have been there but so glad you two got to experience everything together. He loves us ALL! <3

  5. Sarah Pope @asharperfocus on said:

    I feel so blessed that I got to meet you both at the conference! I had a wonderful time talking to you both and loved hearing how good God is in your lives. Every time I hear more details about your story I am so encouraged. Thanks you!

  6. So awesome and such a beautiful story. Our God really is so good!

  7. Oh girls, I love you two so much!! This is the best story of all time. Period.

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