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Art was and has always been my first love.  I had markers and crayons in my hand by the age of two and never looked back.  My Grandma Helen had told me once that I was an artist and should be one when I grew up.  Well, I seemed to have fulfilled the prophecy.  I am an art educator.  Creating artworks that celebrate people in my life, as well as self portraits, have become a common theme throughout the pieces I’ve created in the last five years or so.  Art has also been therapeutic and has helped me a great deal with working through some of life’s obstacles.

Aesthetics: Photorealism, cropped dimensions, women, and fashion.



Grey Street. Watercolor. 2013



Tawney in Gold.  Mixed Media. 2015


Shoes.  Acrylic.  2011

unnamed (1)

Trio Palm Springs. Watercolor. 2015


Melissa. Watercolor. 2017

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