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Healthy and Safe Skincare


I’ve been feeling pretty good about my health and even my appearance lately. They go hand in hand. For a hot minute, I was beginning to beat myself up daily for having tired looking skin or not moving my body or for not changing out of yoga pants (can you blame me?).

However, once I started investing in myself after my birthday in December…I’ve noticed a shift.

I’m moving my body more.  Pilates and barre classes are becoming my new faves.  My pelvic floor has been testing me lately (won’t get into too many details here) so Pilates has been a great way to strengthen my core and pelvic floor.  And barre class is helping me lift that booty and get in touch with my inner ballerina!

I’m feeding my body more healthily, adding in more fats and doing my best to cut it out on the sugars and caffeine…that’s a work in progress!  Adding collagen proteins and aiming for a salad a day are beginning to become a lifestyle habit.


I’m also treating myself to better skin care because this is the only epidermis I get. If I’m focused on moving my body and feeding my body well, then why the heck have I forgotten about my skin? A few friends, without me even asking, had brought up Beautycounter to me recently.  After listening to my friend’s podcast episode on safer skin care, and another girl friend randomly bringing up her cruelty free make-up, I thought “I love makeup and fashion and beauty! And helping the environment…AND KEEPING PEOPLE HEALTHY!”  I’ve always been very much aware of the make-up I purchase.  Never one to buy photo shoot heavy cover-ups, but conscience of how the products were made and if they were even vegan.  But I guess I never really thought about all the “stuff” that even the better, safer brands still were hiding in the make-up or skin products.

My mother in law has been fighting off breast cancer (she’s doing great, btw) and I have more friends than I can count who are dealing with infertility or some other insane health factors that are putting their lives in jeopardy.  And I want so badly to help them.  Inspire people to move their bodies, to seek prayer and counseling, to work on their emotional well being.  I swear, becoming a mom will do this thing to you. I have a heart that’s even bigger now and my mission in life is to teach people. And right now I am being called to teach people to find confidence through yoga, through artwork and portraits of women to help their mental and emotional well-being, to use skincare to cleanup what they’ve been putting on their sweet skin, and look radiant from the inside out! 

My Why

Five of my favorite Beautycounter products I’m loving right now (and the links to grab your own to love!):

Lip Sheer


One of Beautycounter’s best sellers, this lipstick goes on smooth, smells amazing, looks luscious, and LASTS!  I love Scarlet.

Dew Skin Tint Moisturizer


I love the fact that this moisturizer is light yet has 20SPF, hides my blemishes, and even has a pump on the tube.

Baby Bundle Collection


This collection is wonderful because it’s fragrance free, has a light finish on the skin, and hasn’t irritated my son’s skin at all.  This would make a great gift for a mama to-be or a friend who is looking for safer products for their baby’s sweet skin.

Beautycounter+ No.2 Plumping Line


I dreaded the day when I’d have to start taking care of my skin because of wrinkles.  Well, the day has come and I’m head over heels in love with this line.  The face oil is fabulous to use at night before bed like I do, or to be worn twice a day in the morning and at night.  I use the mask at least twice a month and the spray before bed.  My skin looks firmer and more dewy.  Honestly, I look like I have more life in my skin, even without makeup on.  The freedom to not have to put on concealer or foundation is enough to inspire me to use this project daily.  The oil is my favorite product from the line and it pairs perfectly with the last product…my absolute favorite!

Rejuvenating Eye Cream


And last but not least, Rejuvenating Eye Cream.  This little jar of goodness has been a game changer!  I am overwhelmed by how drastic my skin looks under my eyes than it did within three weeks of using it.  And a little goes a long way.  If you purchase anything from Beautycounter, make sure to add this eye cream to your arsenal.  You won’t regret and your eyes will thank you.

For more info, visit Beautycounter and learn about their mission and why I believe this movement is so important and beautiful.